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Virtual reality could become a powerful tool to help the process of selling homes on the market. It could open up a new world of selling luxury homes. Potential buyers are looking for a way to save not only time but money when looking for their next home. What better way to accomplish this than by giving them an in-depth tour of the home for sale before they even step foot into it.

How Virtual Reality Changes the Real Estate Market

So you may be thinking an in-depth tour sounds great, but how is this going to be effective through virtual reality videos? It’s rather simple. The real estate market has become more of an online phenomenon lately. Many potential homeowners are going to the internet first to review the listings of available luxury homes in their area. Because of this, many real estate agents and companies had to change the way they market and advertise their homes for sale. The first step in this change was with videos.

Photographs have always been a great way to showcase the homes inner beauty and outdoor features, but while it gives potential buyers a look at the home, it really doesn’t personalize it for them quite like a walkthrough the house does.

So in enters video. Video takes potential buyers on a tour of the home inside and out. By using drones to produce high quality real estate videos, agents were able to give potential buyers a look at the home in a unique and personal way. It allowed buyers to get a feel for what it would be like to live in the home themselves.

Now imagine a real estate world with virtual reality videos, more high-definition, 3D videos that give buyers the chance to really experience the home from a realistic perspective. This gives them more confidence in knowing which homes interest them and which are worth potentially investing in.

Downside to Virtual Reality

Although many see virtual reality videos of luxury homes as a big pro, some people are not too happy with such film to be taken of their home. The question of privacy has arisen a few times already, and some people who currently have their luxury house on the market refuse to utilize virtual reality videos to help showcase their home. This was the case with Lemonlight Media, a video production company with headquarters in Los Angeles, when they created a beautiful video of a gorgeous luxury home, the owner of the house claimed it took the mystery away from the house and asked that the footage never be used. So videos of luxury homes are not for everyone, thus you should consult with your client first and be on the same page when it comes to marketing the home.

Saving Money with the Right Decision

Now here comes the best part. There is no longer the chance for any buyer’s remorse with the use of virtual reality videos in real estate.  Buyers get the chance to really take a look at their home possibilities and narrow their choices down to only those they are truly interested in investing in. This allows them to gain the confidence necessary in knowing that their hard earned money will be going towards the right purchase.


Interactive tours using 3D, 360 degree videos allow buyers to view the homes from their own realistic perspective. With such an incredibly technology on the verge of changing the real estate game, purchasing a home is now better than ever before. Gone are the days of having to scan the newspapers to find the local listings. Now buyers can save time by going online, in the comforts of their own home and taking a realistic tour through their potential new home, in a way that many never even imagined could be possible.

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