New homes are usually the most sought after in the market, and it explains why many contractors focus on this type of construction. However, the building is half the work; the other half is selling the new home to a homebuyer. Homebuilders use different avenues to sell their homes, and one of the most common methods used is through a real estate broker or agent. About 87% of home builders use this channel for their sales, and there is a reason for this.

Unlike selling old homes, selling new homes is quite different and tricky. The differences are not something that many people understand, which can lead to miscommunications in the sales process. Understanding these differences can go a long way in smoothening and speeding up the sales process, and the real estate agent exists to ensure that understanding. The importance of real estate agents is highlighted below.

Market Knowledge:

The most important thing for the home builder in any real estate transaction is the bottom line.  This means selling the home at a price that would mean profit after the cost of construction has been deducted. A real estate agent is the right kind of information to help the home builder achieve this. Such information usually includes sales data and home listings in the local market, which can predict the right price for the buyer. An experienced real estate agent would also be familiar with the market trends, which will help the home builder determine the reasonable and realistic price for a property.

Access to Resources:

Real estate agents don’t work alone. They have a relationship with other professionals involved in real estates, such as a home inspector, mortgage consultants, attorneys, etc. Thus, they can recommend the best professional for any problem that may arise during the transactions. Apart from human resources, they also have access to data that the home builder is unlikely to have, which puts them in a good position.

Negotiation Skills:

There are a lot of negotiations involved in a real estate transaction. While the home builder already has an idea of how much they would sell the property, there is always more to it than that, and this is what the transaction is all about. The real estate agent is an expert at managing the whole transaction and making sure the home builder gets what they want in terms of price. Beyond negotiations as to price, many other things could go wrong in the transaction process. Unlike the home builder, the real estate agent is more experienced and familiar with the mistakes that could be made. Thus, it is easier to avoid those mistakes altogether and ensure that the transaction is completed.

Finding Buyers:

This is another important role of the real estate agent. Selling a new home can be tricky, and there are times when finding buyers is more difficult than imagined. Letting a real estate agent handle the sale can do a lot of good. Most times, the real estate agent doubles as the buyer’s agent or will have someone within their extensive network who wants to buy a new home, thereby speeding up the selling process.


Using a real estate agent is always advisable. A home builder should not let the commission of the agent prevent them from taking advantage.